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Because of the importance of making any investment decision, First Mortgage Trust encourages you to read all investment documents carefully. If you are unsure of the meaning of any content or if you have any questions relating to investing, they strongly advise you seek clarification from an investment advisor or other appropriate professional experienced in this area.

Product Disclosure Statements  - Product Disclosure Statements for the First Mortgage Trust Group Investment Fund and the First Mortgage PIE Trust have been registered on the Disclose Register. A copy of these Product Disclosure Statements can also be viewed online by clicking on this webpage. Click Here

About Invested Funds

First Mortgage Trust's investment fund currently stands at approximately $650 million - that is over 3,500 people who know a smart investment when they see one!

More information, including diagrams showing how investments are made, is available in the First Mortgage Trust's quarterly newsletters, Fund Updates and Product Disclosure Statements.

First Mortgage Managers Limited, the Issuer, is licensed under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 as a manager of registered schemes and is not a registered bank under the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act. View Licence

Security  - The security of an investment is one of the highest concerns of any investor. With First Mortgage Trust, your funds are secured by first mortgages with relatively conservative Loan to Valuation ratios. Funds are only lent on first mortgages over land and buildings and in the event of a borrower defaulting on loan repayments, First Mortgage Trust can exercise the right to sell the property. In addition, First Mortgage Trust has relatively conservative Loan to Valuation ratios, the investment fund is pooled and the security properties supporting loan advances are diverse which all ensure any risk to investors is minimised. Click Here to read more about security.

Earn a regular and competitive income  - Every quarter, First Mortgage Trust distribute interest returns and the investors can choose to have these deposited into their bank account or reinvest in units in the fund. First Mortgage Trust traditionally provides higher returns than the trading banks. Click Here to see the interest returns that investors have enjoyed.

Flexibility  - Investors have the choice to either invest a lump sum or make investments of various amounts at any time that suits them. Investor's money is not invested for any fixed term, although First Mortgage Trust does encourage investors to allow their investment to grow over a medium to long term. The Trust Deeds and Product Disclosure Statements allow First Mortgage Trust up to 90 business days to repay withdrawal requests and this provision may be utilised if it is considered to be in the interests of all investors in the fund.

No 'up front' fees  - No entry fees are required, regardless of whether you deposit lump sums or smaller regular savings contributions. All management fees, trustee fees and other costs are deducted prior to declaring the rate of the quarterly return.

Specialised and independent management  - First Mortgage Trust's relatively conservative first mortgage investments are professionally managed by a team with both legal skills and substantial, specialised experience in the field of mortgage lending. Click Here to learn more about First Mortgage Trust

Marginal tax rates and PIE tax  - First Mortgage Trust (as a group investment fund) deducts withholding tax from Income at the investor's marginal tax rate. For a large proportion of investors, this is 17.5%. There is also an option to invest under the PIE regime which caps tax paid on investments by individuals at 28%. This allows investors in the 33% tax band to save tax of 5 cents in each dollar of income from their investment compared with a direct investment in First Mortgage Trust.

First Mortgage Trust - The smart investment.

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